Pam Cates, Artist

I make jewelry by tinkering with old and odd bits and pieces. I try to incorporate fun and interesting items I find at flea markets, tag sales and anywhere I else I come across them. I take apart the watches, cut the  keys off the typewriters, drill, wire, solder, stamp and do a lot of experimenting to come up with unique designs. I like to have people look at my pieces as jewelry first, then be surprised by what each one is made from, which could be anything since I love a challenge.

Custom Design Work

Sometimes I feel more like a curator of family history than a jewelry maker when I do custom pieces. I will work with your special objects and design a piece that is meaningful to you and has a custom fit as well. I have worked with many different kinds of mementos and transformed them into necklaces, earrings and bracelets.


Do you have something that has been sitting in a drawer for years that could be made into wearable art? Contact me and we can discuss your project.